Free comedy and cake @thealbany

This Monday we’ve some old favourites and new favourites gracing our sumptuously appointed stage.
The best acts on the London circuit – for bloody free!
Plus, if you whisper the password (Which is “safeword”) to the host. You get free cake.
Those acts in full:
James Shakeshaft, fresh from his triumphs at Covent Garden Comedy Club over the weekend, Chris Betts, with his smart sets and Greek Orthodox Archimandrite look, Andy Storey, with his unique storytelling and Russian Orthodox Archimandrite look.
Returning favourite Bisha Ali will be onstage, along with West Midlands raconteur Stella Graham and Scandinavian one-off Trine Munk


Free Comedy Tonight in Central London!

Do you like comedy? Do you like free stuff? Then you’ll love our free comedy night!

Tonight 8-10pm we’ve got some amazing comedians lined up to entertain you; see them now for free before they’re famous and you have to get binoculars to watch them from the back of a stadium somewhere.

Laughing Cures the Winter Blues – Fact*

Did you know that Fat Controller Comedy is good for you?*

That’s right, our FREE comedy night will dramatically improve your life! Recent research suggests that laughing makes you less likely to get ill (especially important during these winter months) and a new study revealed that avoiding the stressful commute home after work on a Monday and travelling around say, 10pm instead (their recommendation not ours) will increase your life expectancy!

So do yourselves a favour and come watch the very best in free comedy, tonight from 8 – much funnier than a cold winter night and better than the commute home.

*we can’t guarantee that any of this blog is true, but it sounds like it could be doesn’t it? And the last bit, that bit is totally true.

New Year, More Comedy

January is always a dull month – but it doesn’t have to be: imagine yourself after a hard first day back at work heading to the pub, kicking back and enjoying a well earned laugh with mates… Well, that can be your Monday night!  Come along to The Albany on Great Portland Street for some amazing comedy – we’ve got some great acts booked for you, the sort that will have you guffawing with merriment and beating the winter blues – we know because we’ve seen them all in action!

Tomorrow, 8pm at The Albany – come along and have a laugh.