BBC Comedian coming to Clapham this Sunday!

The comedy treats just keep on coming at Fat Controller Comedy not only do we have BBC comedian Diarmuid Corr on our bill this Sunday but the fabulously surreal Helen Casey and Tom Ward will be on. And you can’t say we don’t do anything for you – you asked for him, we got him, Tim Renkow is back at the Fat Controller this Sunday. Add to that the filthy and fun Stephanie Laing and you’ve got yourself a great show. And all for absolutely free!


Sam Swaps

We do like to mix it up a bit and so our line up is changing this Sunday – the fantastic Tom Appleton is now going to be taking to the stage and Sam will be with us on another week. A great addition to an already going-to-be-hilarious night.

This Sunday at Fat Controller Comedy

We’ve got another great line up this Sunday Clapham, awesome comedy awaits from: the silly and self-depreciating Dean Sekhon, Trev Tokabi who, and I quote, “has no mouth watering, outstanding and memorable quotes from mainstream and popular culture”, the fantastic Luke Gretton, the always entertaining Sam Golin and this week our very own MC Ben Clover swaps com-pering for com-edying (that unfairly suggests his compering isn’t funny, sorry Ben).

So come along to the Railway Tavern at 8.30 and check out the best in free comedy!

Clapham comedy enconium

I don’t know what ‘enconium’ means if I’m honest. I’ve written it to see if it brings in a different kind of traffic.

“Enconium eh? Let’s have a look. Oh no. This is nothing to do with encomia”

Anyway, another vintage night for the Fat Controller with fine acts making their prestigious debut appearances and other fine acts doing it out of a teeth-clenched duty.

Toby Muresianu opened beautifully for us after the fireworks were given out and the room had been divided into teams. I got his name wrong subsequently when running the quiz bits which I feel genuinely guilty about. Apologies Toby, look at his beautfully-crafted stuff here.

After the American, the Brightonian, Phil Jerrod. Well he was from the country and said so and now lives in Brighton. Of all the acts we have had at The Railway over the year the Fat Controller has been strutting about, none has quite so accurately and hilariously nailed the world of work. Or had such an evocative beard. A delight to our audience and ourselves.

Who was next? Max Dickins was next and did very well too. Fresh from an Edinburgh (it was only three odd weeks ago, alright ‘freshish’) anyway, it was lapped up by Clapham.

Bringing warm memories of Street Fighter II flooding back and featuring a joke about hands, Stella Graham was the other ventricle that made up the heart, middle of the night. I’ve made a metaphorical rod for my own back with this vital-organs-for-acts metaphor but I’ll try and persevere with it.

The pancreas of our evening, secreting important enzymes and hormones, fifth act James Ross brought his trademark flair and verbal dexterity to the important penultimate spot. Bravo James!

Closing the evening with his distinctive sophistication and expertly-paced elan was the both lungs of Scott Merrington. A suitable closer for a charming evening.

Note for audience: I know I said I lost the prize, I subsequently found it again and gave it to the winners. See you soon!