German flag headbands

So after our Bank Holiday hiatus, a certain portly manipulator was back in Clapham, his belly all distended with comedy.

And a fine night it was too.

A warm and wholesome crowd got served up a sizzling platter of bushmeat fun, in the shape of our seven acts. Plus they got to wash it down with a side order of would-they-win-the-mystery-prize-and-would-there-be-one.

Cap-rocking, double-ripped Jimmy Bird got things going with his unforgettable delivery, solid jokes and questing stare. His debut at the Fat Controller, our regular audience were rightly pleased and newbies likewise.

Simon Caine has graced our stage (corner cleared of tables) before but pressed home the Fat Controller’s case to a crowd that were, by this point, very receptive to enjoyment. Lots of acts did new material, and the man in the yellow waistcoat doesn’t mind that, as long as its’ a triumphal success! And it very much was for Simon.

Ditto third act Evelyn Mok, who yomped home in triumphal fashion, in gaining-the-love-and-vocalised-amusement-of-the-audience terms.

Closing the first half was another debutante at the roly-poly top hatter, Jack De’ath. The lo-fi presentation shot through with a hidden seam of pure razzmatazz left our crowd gurgling with mirth and we’ll be sure to have him back.

Jack had other good news that day, it being announced that he would be the new Dr Who, replacing Matt Smith.

After the break things took a turn for the…. Stranney?

Michael Stranney that is! Another first timer with the rotund Machiavelli, Stranney took our audience on a journey deep into his wholly unique world. With barely an incline of his head they’d be off howling at his beautfulty crafted jokes. And there moans of pity for poor Colin his friend, and hisses for Dermot, the ladies’ man. A corking debut at The Railway and no mistake.

No one will ever think of powerpoint the same way after our sixth act, who will remain nameless. (Cthulu).

Rounding things off like an upper middle class wheelwright was Glenn “Two ‘n’s, two ‘o'” Moore. Like Michael he brought more than just salty lashings of laughter, he delivered a tremendously moving enactment of having to explain the facts of life to a much younger sibling. It was like seeing Charles Dickens live, but with the laughs turned up to “lots and lots of laughs”.

And finally, well done to Maria from the audience for winning the special prize in a thumb-crunchingly tense quiz. The red hairband and black hairband she took home will have combined with her (possibly not naturally) blonde hair to create an impression of a German flag bandana covering her head!

Well done Maria, well done audience and acts, well done Germany – the most populous nation in northern Europe!


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