Time Warp

They weren’t there on Sunday, but then neither was our cameraman.  So you don’t forget us here is some past free funny favourites from Barry Ferns and Saskia Preston showing why Clapham is the wittiest place to be on a Sunday night


A note to Finland

A special, special note to our lovely, lovely audience about last week’s Clapham Comedy show: You’re welcome audience!

And there’s more this Sunday. But not so fast fatty, I’m gonna tell you about what you missed last Sunday if you weren’t there.

Matthew Highton had some wonderfully elevated chat with a teacher who had brought some very shy Irish blokes on an exchange trip.

Sterling stuff from Matt, hope the school trip went well teacher! Next time bring the colouring books and we’ll go coloured-pencil loco!

Lea Rose Emery’s winning set was a delight as always. A much in-demand compere and act she gamely stepped in at the last minute and wowed cockney hardmen and shy Irishmen alike.

The Spanish paleontologist and her friend who arrived afterwards missed out though.

If Russell Mulligan were a beer, he’d be a rich, high-quality dark czech beer. But he was, in fact, the third act on and his absorbing slow-burn material brought the first half to a satisfying end.

Joz Norris has the best description of an eel I’ve ever heard and there are not enough acts doing aquarium material in London. A delightful ramble through an aquaridate, samba music and memories of his grandfather (still alive).

Cheeky chappies don’t come much cheekier Max Miller. Jack Grant was less cheeky than Max “The Cheeky Chappy” Miller, but to be fair that’s a big ask.

What he lavished this Clapham comedy audience with instead was a deft tiptoe through the IT department of a major London teaching hospital. If you think tht doesn’t sound great, think how good The Office would soumd if you described it. Yeah, now you should feel bad for thinking “Doesn’t sound natural grounds for comedy” two sentences back. Oh I can’t stay mad at you.

Fat Controller’s audience was treated to an immensely talented closing act in Gabriel Ebulue. More Sardonic than Sardinia, more clap-hands than Lapland, the soft-spoken south London titan is always a pleasure and on 31/3 was a joy.

Thanks all!