Sex talk Clapham!

It all got very pudenda this week at the Fat Controller’s Comedy Night.

In a good way, but if you drew a pie chart of the proportion of the evening spend discussing coitus and related topics it would look like a quite-rude pie.

This is all by way of saying our six acts were, hand-picked as always, superb for a warm crowd – but gosh wasn’t there smut.

Dorset-born raconteur Barry Ferns threw himself into opening the night with some brilliant quickfire material before asking the first of many questions to a lady on the front row.

“Hands up anyonewho’se ever slept with someone called Barry?”

“I have. Well I think he was called Barry, it sounded a bit like ‘Barry’.”

There was more from her over the course of the evening.

Sarah Callaghan’s was next and her set took in some views of the blind that are, I believe, unique on the circuit.

She rounded off with a superb dissection of the fact that, contrary to one review, she’s not actually a character act.

Like a trim Welsh, bearded, bespectacled, still alive Barry White Daryl Perry brought smooth tones and big punchlines to the evening.

A pleasure to have at the night, Daryl was a firm favourite with our effusive crowd. Two of his huge punchlines came from the dirties, in keeping with the theme of the night.

Saskia Preston was doing new material but you wouldn’t have guessed.

The beautifully-turned one-liners and unique delivery, the hair – Saskia has it all, thanks for coming!

In his set Stephen di Placito managed to alert the audience to his shockingly high sperm count, his happy marriage and delightful family life, all without sounding smug. an achievement for anyone and especially for someone getting solid laughs throughout.

Closer Peter White really got things back on track in discussion of congress-terms though.

With a full five-minutes on the scars on his penis, the Canadian star wrung huge laughs of a crowd who had already been spoiled rotten. Definitely, definitely check him out, he’s big over there and will be here soon.

In fact, catch him (if we can get him) at the Fat Controller’s Canada Day night on June 30, featuring the best Canadian stand-ups in the world who happen to be in London and without other bookings for that day. But that’s still loads.

AND we were done by 10pm, so people could get Monday-impaired afterwards.

Hour -and -a-half of deep-filled sun-blushed tantric haha, and all for exactly no pounds. Zero quid and zip pence.

Now have a cigarette and a cup of tea.








2 thoughts on “Sex talk Clapham!

  1. Peter Nelmes says:

    Hi Ben and Ruth, Another great line-up tonight that just leaves me wanting to come back again for more. All the acts were good, my favourites of the night were: Barry, Saskia (SUPERB) and Peter (EXCELLENT) Please can you book again : Carmen Ali, Twia Maine, Tim Shoshodine and Richard Todd again

    and did you get anywhere booking Jimbo or Brian Damage and Krystal (although I’m not sure whether the last two will work for free?) What a great idea to put on a night to showcase acts of a particular nationality to celebrate their National Day. Can I recommend you book Pat Burtscher He is a youngish Canadian who does some interesting environmental material about the fishing community that he comes from.Cheers, PETER

    Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 23:33:55 +0000 To:

    • Hey Peter,

      Glad you liked the line-up. We are booking people at the moment and have filled up quite a few nights – I think that Tim, Twayna and Richard have all been asked again. We are also looking to book Pat for the Canadian Night – fingers crossed he says yes!


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