Betty Blue-Eyes Comes to Clapham

Aah Clapham, the comedy gods smiled upon us as we geared up for our first free night of 2013. It was an absolutely fabulous line up and one that will surely linger in the audience’s memory – for some whether they want it to or not.

Simon Caine proved that 99% of jokes are made 98% funnier with the use of his carefully researched set.  Fact based comedy has never been so fun, and the science behind the jokes came alive with the remarkable and illustrative use of venn diagrams and Schrödinger’s cat.

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t see H from Steps around so much, listening to Jack Gardner might give you the answer.  Plus he introduced us to Betty Blue Eyes, she has the voice of an angel and the soul of something Geiger might have night-terrored.  I couldn’t breathe for laughing nor later sleep for fear of seeing those limpid pools again…

The awesome Mike Kenward told us about the ups and downs of cat ownership and helped us come to terms with the fact that all things come to an end.  Because pet cats do die, don’t they Mike?  But ever the optimist there was a silver lining to be had with even that.

Next Sam Golin took the stage and wowed the Clapham audience – he has clearly been perfecting his stripper dance.  Not to mention his assassination skills, even impressing us with his effective use of a hardwood floor.  Plus, important knowledge was imparted as he explained what a beard says about a man.

Dave Green supplied us with his hilarious torrent of deadpan musings, winning the crowd over with his slightly surreal summation of everything from relationship troubles to a note-perfect lonely builder impression.

Finally Mike Sheer treated the Clapham faithful to the joys of his old and new material, kindly letting us choose which was which.  Both were fantastic, although he clearly had animals on the mind as he told us about meat, the only animal he can draw and a fascinating dialectic on zoos.

An absolutely fantastic night, thanks to all the acts for being brilliant and serving up another ravening dollop of gleaming ha-ha wonder. For free!


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