Fat Controller’s Winter Wonderland stream of consciousness

It was what they call intimate. IN A MASSIVE WAY!

A sophisticated room, a classy decor and some comedians entertaining some people in Clapham.

Chris Coltrane did some lovely talking to the audience, there were some chairs moved and bi-phobia discussed.

Philip Wragg was our second act and tlked us through some dating heartbreak, so bittersweet it was sweet. In between: party poppers and a German family, the dad of whom looked a bit like Putin. None of them understood but we persevered and I’d like to say by the end we won them round. So much so, they went home at the interval.

Jack Grant brought the first half to a barnstorming conclusion by proving that he didn’t have a stutter, it was actually a piece of lovely acting he was doing. A rousing first half, but had the bar been set too high for anyone to possibly vault in the second?

No! Incredibly, although the second half was different, with different comics and one fewer Hanoverian family, the overall total quality and fun was exactly equivalent. Well done all.

Gerry Howell took the crowd from the sub-atomic to the interpersonal in a heart-stopping nine or ten minutees.

In between him and William Lee a girl on a first date won a mechanical grabber claw, which she seemed pleased with. We don’t know how well they got on overall.

William Lee provided the most touching human moment of the evening when he healed an Irishman’s distaste for Chinese food. “Have you tried Chinese food without ginger?” He hadn’t, and like that a new vista of culinary experience was opened to him. He was very drunk.

Well done William Lee! It was like something out of House.

James Farmer brought things to a satisfyingly smooth end. We all owe him the sentence “I feel those cows are judging us”.

Well done all!


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