Fat Controller presents: a comedy show about local papers This Friday @ColourHouseThtr

Ben Clover has written a show about what it was like being a local paper journalist. Lots of strange things happened. Listen to him tell you about it for fun at this stand-up show!


(Guys, its not free because it’s in a proper theatre and is all multimedia. Also this is at The Colour House Theatre Merton Abbey Mills – not The Railway in Clapham -Cheers!)

Free comedy @railwaysw4 tonight

We’ve a superb bill FOR FREE tonight at The Fat Controller, Clapham (upstairs at The ailway, Clapham High Street).

“So what’s new Ben?” Yes I guess that’s right, we do always have superb bills. Though tonight there is an unusual infusion of poetry from Gary From Leeds.

That’s not me being over familiar and regionalist, that’s his stage names.

Alongside ace stand-ups Nick Elleray, Saskia Prestion, Daryl Perry, Max Dowler, Adam Greene and Erik Pohl.