A funnier form of sunscreen

What a lovely sunshiny day! The kind of day that makes you feel good about the world and puts a spring in your step.

It also gives you cancer – save yourself now! Go sit in a darkened room and admire your pale complexion while others burn. Enjoy some comedy while you’re at it by joining us at the Railway Tavern (dark room included in the ticket price)


Manifesto #GE2017

The conservatives have just released their manifesto!  And so have we!  Our pledges are:

  1. Free comedy
  2. Changed our mind, it’s £3. You’ve never had it so good.
  3. Chocolates for asthmatics
  4. Fags for diabetics
  5. Bungee jumps for claustrophobes
  6. Cupboard time for vertigo sufferers

I’m now ignoring Ben.  This is clearly why he never went in to politics… Did he make the right decision by choosing comedy instead? Find out by buying tickets to Sunday night at the Railway Tavern here

It’s like he learned NLP especially

Earlier this week (now, as I type) I asked MC Ben Clover “Why should anyone spend £3 on a ticket for fat controller comedy?” His response was (will be, I’m sure) very persuasive, so beware before reading on that you will find yourself inexorably clicking on the link to buy tickets for tonight’s show…

BC: “Oh, eh, um because the gift of laughter um, is the giftiest gift of all”

Me: “anything else?”

BC: “No, delete that, just go, um, are you just typing at random?”

Me: “No”

BC: “Just put, because it’s very funny for less than the price of a pint.  What’s this for?”

Me: “It’s for the blog”

BC: “oh”

Well, you were warned – buy tickets here

Fat Controller is Back!

Technically it never went away but I stopped helping out so this website fell apart.  So this website is back!  Probably for about two weeks until I lose interest again.

Anyway, this post is not to get bogged down in administrative quibblings but to announce that Fat Controller is now £3 for advance tickets, or £5 on the door – because it’s worth it.  You can buy tickets here.

Fat Controller presents: a comedy show about local papers This Friday @ColourHouseThtr

Ben Clover has written a show about what it was like being a local paper journalist. Lots of strange things happened. Listen to him tell you about it for fun at this stand-up show!


(Guys, its not free because it’s in a proper theatre and is all multimedia. Also this is at The Colour House Theatre Merton Abbey Mills – not The Railway in Clapham -Cheers!)